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Countless online casinos, software developers, and game categories are available to players, and users will love exploring them all. Below, readers can learn more about the most common types of casino games, and we'll provide information for each category. Ready to learn more? Read on.


While slots were once three-reel affairs lined with cherries, bells, and sevens, today's games frequently have five, six, or more reels, bonus features, and other ways to win. Below, discover the things you need to know most when heading for the reels.

  • Find a slot theme that interests you; the game will not be entertaining if it has a football theme and you prefer titles for foodies. After all, it can't be fun if it bores you.
  • RTP, or return-to-player, values matter as they determine the likelihood of a win. While setting a firm limit in this area is complex, we suggest choosing games above 96 percent.
  • Selecting slots with bonus rounds is vital; many base games offer few payouts, leaving all the action in the features. Remember that most jackpot payouts initiate from pick-to-win bonuses.
  • Finally, remember that sometimes slots don't hit: Instead of watching your bankroll dwindle on an off day, choose another game and try again. Are you tired of slots? Then consider the instant games below.

Instant Wins

Decent online casinos pack in the action on the reels and at the tables, but they also offer bettors the chance to try a few unique games that make it fast to wager and win. Below, learn more about some instant-play games available in today's online casinos.

  • Scratch cards are the fastest games bettors will find in casinos, and you play them like a gas station lottery ticket. Match enough symbols or complete another game objective to take home the prize.
  • Keno, famous for its "set it and forget it" play style, was available elsewhere for years before finding its way into online casinos. Place your bets, choose your numbers, and wait for the draw.
  • The titles many players call "Bitcoin" games are instant plays worth exploring. You'll love wagering on favorites like Plinko, Aviator, and Dice; sit back and await the outcome after betting.
  • Finally, many platforms place Slingo games among the instant play or specialty titles. Bringing together the best elements of casino favorites like slots and bingo, Slingo is a blast.

Games of Skill

Baccarat, blackjack, and poker all require a bit of luck, but the skill necessary for success is far more critical. Below, we've shared a few of the most popular casino games of skill, so check them out to learn more.

  • Baccarat, a spectacular second-favorite for virtually every blackjack lover, requires bettors to wager on the player, banker, or a tie; the goal is to hit nine, and knowing when to quit is vital.
  • Blackjack, the epic game of 21 that first comes to mind when thinking about online card play, is available in several versions. While the right cards must fall for a win, players should know when to hit or stand.
  • Poker, available in more versions than we can reasonably list here, is one of the most popular casino games. Whether you crave titles like Five Card Draw, Texas Hold'em, or Seven Card Stud, you'll find them online.

Live Dealer Games

Whether players preferred staying home to bet before 2020 or discovered live dealer play during that year's lockdown, such games remain one of the top reasons gamblers go to online casinos. Learn more about some of the best below.

  • Cards are standard in live dealer casinos, and gamblers will find all three games of skill mentioned above on nearly any platform they play. When you need card games you can count on, explore them with live dealers.
  • Roulette, the ultimate game of chance, is one of the most widely played -and loved- casino games you'll find at the tables. Although the spin of the wheel still determines the prize, the exhilaration of the live version rivals that of a traditional casino.
  • Too often, slots are unusual in live dealer casinos; however, those that exist are exciting, unique games you'll love. The entertainment and hosts will leave you feeling like you're on the set of a game show.

Choose Your Quality Casino Entertainment

While we can't tell you where to start when placing your online casino bets, we hope you have a better idea of the types of games available. Ready to play? Get started now.